why software development?

Posted by missnadia on September 27, 2017

back to where it all began.

video games have always been my source of comfort and escape. when i was 4, my father bought me a super nintendo, introducing me to mario, luigi, princess toadstool, and bowser, while my brother received the sega genesis during the time where sonic was king and ecco the dolphin dominated the sea. then throughout the years came the gameboys, n64, playstation 2, 3, and 4.

in conjunction with my exposure to console gaming, as part of the generation that grew up with computers, i was also introduced to an IBM desktop running windows 3.1 at home and the original macintosh in school. eventually windows 3.1 led to windows 95, 98, 00, xp, vista, 7, and 10 (8 skipped on purpose). with each new operating system i was able to play various games such as worms armageddon, diablo 1, starcraft, gunbound, and counterstrike to world of warcraft, final fantasy 14, metal gear solid 5, divinity original sin 2, and playerunknown battlegrounds.

regardless of my frequent exposure to video games and computers, for some reason i thought programming was a lot more complicated than it was until i took the free introductory courses at flatiron and other coding schools. i’ve been coding without realizing that i was throughout the course of my life. from commanding windows to run the computer to editing HTML on xanga and geocities to modding games to run certain visual or specification mods.

as my interest in programming began to grow with each lesson, i began to lose sleep and woke up early on the weekends just to learn something new (this is a big deal considering that i’m not a morning person). it didn’t feel forced, but rather it gave me a sense of purpose. every passing day confirmed the feeling that i was ready for change. this is something i really want to do when i wake up and before i go to sleep. this new found passion has made me hopeful in the potential of one day creating a game that might become part of someone’s childhood nostalgia or creating an application performing a simple task or improving the quality of life for society in general.

that is why i want to learn software development.