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Posted by missnadia on May 15, 2018

two done, three more to go.

finally finished my Sinatra project. one outcome of the project that i’m proud of is that i can definitely feel an improvement in my ability to spot those pesky little bugs like capitalization errors/missing commas that i overlooked in my last project. NOT THIS TIME, BUGS.

i felt that this project was a bit easier than the CLI gem project because Sinatra has a template-like structure as opposed to working with the CLI. another contrast with the last project is that there was more exposure with working with HTML/front-end content. honestly, a lot of my revisions had to do more with tweaking my application visually, rather than having to change something on the back-end. i felt that there were more working files that i had to link and constantly reference in various parts of the file, for example, the views and the controllers, so i had to constantly check back into each file to make sure that i make consistent changes if i added or changed a data column or spacing.

this project reinforced the importance of relationships that various parts of code have with each other and the importance of active awareness of where and why these relationships form and exist. a wholesome realization i took away from this project was that every snippet of code is there for a reason, just like how every life has a reason for its existence. no single code is greater or less in degree of importance because they are all linked in some way or another, sharing a common goal of making the entire end product work.

this project helped to strengthen my understanding of the interactive nature of coding and the requirement of coders for constant improvement. i frequently found myself thinking about other components i could potentially add to my web application to further develop it into something more polished. for instance, i could add css styles, a flash message for login errors, or the ability for users to upload profile pictures. like the last project, this was a great learning experience and i’m excited to see what’s next.

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