the power of communication

Posted by missnadia on November 17, 2017

don’t take shortcuts.

communication is one of the most important components of human interaction. we use it daily to communicate our needs, address concerns, and express social cues. on the other hand, subtle nuances can easily produce unintended miscommunication. the same sentence can be interpreted differently depending on the style and instrument used. for example, the message interpreted from “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” contrasts starkly with “what are you doing?” although both messages are textually identical, the capitalization of the same text changes the context of the message from a question of challenge to a question of curiosity.

initially, when learning how to code, it can be tempting to ignore seemingly aesthetic elements such as putting in extra spaces for clarification purposes. however, although spacing may not seem as obvious in producing miscommunication like capitalization, it is equally important in producing effective communication especially when coding. a lack of spaces can contribute to the difficulty and the time allotted to debugging an application by making it more difficult to identify where a block of code begins and ends. especially when working on a collaborative project, you should always be mindful in the way you write your code so that it can be understood not only by you, but by others as well.

what use would a language be if you were the only person to understand it?