portfolio websites - part two

Posted by missnadia on July 8, 2019

project progress from part one.

in the past week, i was able to make some progress on my portfolio website. i still haven’t decided on whether or not i want to make it a single or multi page app, but decided to keep it a multi page app with routing while i work on other components. i was able to add basic information of what i essentially want on my page. one of the challenges i faced was trying to add a PDF viewer for my resume page. although initially i wanted the ability for potential employers to be able to download my resume, i wasn’t too keen on having my phone number and personal email posted all over a public webpage.

instead i decided to add my resume information with the exception of my personal information directly onto my page and will add a contact form for potential contact requests. another bug i ran into while working on my project was that the commits weren’t committing to the current date, but was backdating to a past date. i couldn’t figure out why it was doing that until i realized my virtual machine was not set to the correct date, which is weird because it’s auto synced. eventually i was able to reset to the correct date, fixing the git commit bug. then the other bug was a node package error that i fixed by reinstalling the node packages and removing unused CSS.

in the next process, i plan on creating some original artwork to incorporate into my website to add some fun flair. i also plan on adding the aforementioned contact form. then i plan on refining each page to resemble the final product.