minor setbacks

Posted by missnadia on July 15, 2019

integrating life with the job search.

there were some setbacks i faced this week in my continued job search process:

  1. was given a 2nd round interview, but the company decided to halt all junior developer hiring
  2. busy week at work (unrelated full-time job)
  3. lack of progress on porfolio website project

setback 1:
i interviewed for a startup over the july 4th weekend and got a call back for round 2. just when i thought my luck was turning, they emailed me stating that they’re going to halt hiring junior developers until a later time. to be honest, i wasn’t that surprised given how it seemed they were unprepared: they didn’t have a stack or architecture planned out yet; everything was still up in the air. at least it gave me a bit of a confidence boost in my behavioral interviewing skills.
setback 2:
the main hurdle for me in my job searching process is my current job. i work all day and come home just in time to sleep, wake up, rinse, repeat. ugh.
my work schedule can get pretty brutal and it constantly reminds me of how much it puts me at a disadvantage against other candidates who are able to contribute the time i’m at work to applying for new jobs or preparing for an interview. every day i’m just thinking about wanting to code, but at the same time i have to cite check a brief and prepare a bunch of documents for closing with not enough time in the day to do both. i’m not even allowed to take vacation 2 months in advance. i just have to squeeze in as much coding as i can during the weekend or start skipping lunch.
setback 3:
due to setback 3, i wasn’t able to make much progress in my portfolio website project. hopefully i can make some progress this week.