job search continues

Posted by missnadia on July 1, 2019

ghosting is not restricted to dating.

i never forgot how difficult it was trying to get your foot in the door to an entry-level position. it’s like that one bad break up you never forgot about and any memory of it triggers a painful feeling.
when i first started looking for a “real” job fresh out of college, it took me about a year before i was hired as a paralegal at a small personal injury firm. two years later, i would find myself working for one of the top law firms in the country. eight years later, i find myself in the same position i was in nine years ago with the same hope that someone gives me a chance.
one aspect about job searching that i dislike is having to go through so much preparation for the interviews, especially because you never know if they’re going to give you a take-home/whiteboard/pair programming code challenge, just to have them ghost you in the end. imagine going on a date and you feel an attraction. you think the feeling is mutual, go home on cloud nine, and then you never hear from them again. at least with a rejection you have an answer to whether it’s a match or not. but when you’re ghosted, you’re just constantly haunted by the ghost of indecision or lack of consideration.
i can handle the rejection. please stop ghosting me.