i saw the devil...

Posted by missnadia on August 23, 2018

…and it looks a lot like OmniAuth.

just when i thought i was finished with my Rails project, i found out i was missing the OmniAuth component of the project. i didn’t recall struggling on any of the OmniAuth lessons and labs so i thought to myself: “not a big deal. this shouldn’t take too long.”

thank you Murphy’s law.

when non-OmniAuth credentials worked, my OmniAuth login didn’t work and vice versa. so for the past month i’ve been googling any search query that might debug my OmniAuth issue. i’ve read through every tutorial and gem combination on the first page of all of my searches and even tried out different providers to see if that would lead to a breakthrough. still nothing.

unlike my past projects, instead of obsessing over that final hurdle, i started working on something new. i read through some CSS tutorials for a refresher and began to design my application. maybe if i look at something nice, i would feel better about the way OmniAuth is making me feel?

after adding CSS, i gave it another try and like many previous attempts at debugging OmniAuth, i came to the conclusion that i wasn’t able to do it on my own. as stubborn as it sounds, although this project took longer than i expected, i wanted to make sure i exhausted all my options. i wanted to make sure that i made an honest attempt and really felt stuck before i scheduled my 1:1 project coach. after two hours of coaching, finally, after two months, i finally finished my project.

what i truly enjoy about the completion of every project is the reassurance that i’ve actually been learning and retaining what i’ve learned. i keep emphasizing this point in every blog post about my project because i truly feel a sense of accomplishment when looking at the final product. i started this program knowing bits and pieces of HTML and javascript, and now i’m able to create my own application. quite amazing actually.

well, now onto the next section. i’m truly hoping that the next project won’t take as long as this one.