first boss battle

Posted by missnadia on March 16, 2018

harder than fighting iudex gundyr.

i finally completed the CLI Gem project today after a long battle trying to debug the outputs of my scrapers. this project took a lot longer than i was supposed to take, but looking back now, i feel like i’ve gained more confidence in my ability to code. it’s quite amazing looking at the end product. i’ve created something original (at least to my own knowledge and research) and from scratch.

scraping was one of the most challenging concepts of coding because i didn’t really fully grasp how it worked (even though i wrote an entire blog post on it). for instance, i wasn’t confident in the scraping process such as which CSS selector to use and how to store the scraped data into variables or hashes that can be called on by other methods.

another challenging concept was the usage of pry. i didn’t really use pry in the lessons/labs/projects until now because there was always a spec file that passed/failed the methods or code in each assignment. i think that the lack of that crutch forced me to really think outside of the box and rely on other helpers like pry and to research other methods or code that can assist with delivering my intended result.

in the final stretch of my project, i sought 1:1 project support because i had trouble with the puts output of my scraped hashes. turns out that it was a very simple fix: i was missing an array…a set of brackets was responsible for breaking my code. even something so simple as calling on a nested array was a refresher on what i’ve learned from the curriculum thus far.

overall i’m happy and proud of my gem baby, even more so after publishing it to rubygems. just like my gundyr battle, the victory is quite sweet after much frustration.

git gud.